Water Designed by Nature


Pristina Natural is pleased to introduce the first of its kind in a bottle: ultra-pure, pH-neutral water that is truly crystalline. Water is the only liquid substance that forms crystals – as seen in six-sided snowflake images. These water crystals are what make the H₂O molecules unique in producing the essential “vital energies” which sustain all living organisms.


Nature is continuously producing the highest quality of fresh water through a recycling design of: evaporative distillation, solar revitalization, and condensation. The end result is energetically-enhanced water that is ALWAYS: ultra-pure, pH neutral, and crystalline. Pristina Natural has creatively replicated this recycling design with a 14-step water purification and revitalization process. Pristina Water has been tested and verified by Dr. Emoto’s IHM Laboratories for its crystal vitality, and by the Los Alamos National Laboratories for its ultra-purity and pH-neutrality. Discover the soft clean taste and the exceptional health benefits of Pristina Premium Crystal Water.




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