How We Got Started

Excerpts from Edible Magazine interview


What inspired you to create an organic beverage company?


JAMES: Sabine and I began our journey when we launched a natural health retail business called Emerald Earth, once we discovered that a profound discovery had been made by Dr. Teruo Higa in the field of microbiology with the introduction of toxin-consuming microbes known as "Effective Microorganisms”. We were the first in the US to retail market this important ecological breakthrough, which could rapidly cleanse and restore the health of the planet on all levels - for the water, air, soil, plants, animals, and people! It was Dr. Higa who introduced us to the concept of structuring water and familiarized us with the works of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his ability to photograph water crystals on the molecular level. We subsequently began offering many of Dr. Emoto's books and products through his son, Hiro Emoto, who was living in Los Angeles at the time.

The Emoto's are big fans of Dr. Higa and his important discoveries, which can rapidly restore the health of the environment on multiple levels – including water. Through our mutually-shared interests, Sabine and I became good friends with Hiro and his wife, Jamie, and we eventually met each other a few times in Los Angeles. They introduced us to the realization that when water is exposed to pollutants and processing, the hydrogen molecules become unstable and the water structure will no longer form crystals. Understanding that water molecules operate much like a battery that need to be recharged when energetically depleted, I began researching and designing differing methods for revitalizing the H₂O molecules in order for the water to become stable and alive with the vital energies of chi or prana or what the Japanese call "hado".

For most of my adult life, my primary aspiration has been to “think the way nature thinks”, if healthy solutions were going to avert our environmental crises. So I began observing the way that solar rays recharge water molecules while suspended in their vaporous state of being clouds. In time, the answers came to me primarily while in meditation. I had Dr. Emoto test my revitalization methods at his IHM laboratories, and it became clear from the vivid photographs of our earliest samples of crystalline water that I had “broken the code” for keeping water highly crystallized on a consistent and ongoing basis. As a result, I made a promise to myself to use this new knowledge for the greatest good as a catalyst for human health and environmental quality purposes.


What are the most distinctive qualities of crystalline water?


JAMES: Water is the only liquid substance that has the capacity to crystallize, as seen in the six-sided images of snowflakes. There are numerous precious mineral compounds that will also crystallize, such as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, and most natural-health practitioners understand that these gemstone crystals are not only extraordinarily beautiful, but also produce distinctive healing energies. Water works in a similar manner. When water is crystalline, it has the capacity to produce the regenerative energies that are the fundamental sustainers of all life. Virtually every living organism on the planet is comprised of over two-thirds water, so the quality of water that we consume can make a huge difference in our overall health and vitality. Pristina Water is the only retail bottled water in the nation that offers what is called “living water” because of its crystalline structure, which has been tested and verified by Dr. Emoto’s IHM Laboratory.

In addition, when water has been filtered and processed in conventional purification systems, the pH will become more and more acidic. This is chiefly because the vital energies of the water molecules are becoming more and more depleted. However, when using our regenerative methods of revitalization, the pH of the water actually returns to the neutral pH levels in the 7.0 range without the addition of any minerals or chemicals – but by simply using energetic frequencies. These revitalization systems were tested and verified by the Los Alamos National Laboratories confirming that, “Pristina is highly purified water that remained at a pH neutral level, even for prolonged periods of time.

Finally, nature is continuously producing crystalline water through a process of evaporative distillation, solar revitalization, and condensation. Water, in its natural crystalline state, is ALWAYS pH neutral. If the rainwater becomes acidic or alkaline due to air pollution and alternate influences, then that water will no longer crystallize. All living organisms on the planet are designed for clean, pH neutral, and crystalline water. Numerous expert studies, like those done by the World Health Organization, are verifying that water that is “pure, clean, and pH neutral” is the healthiest and best hydrating of all waters. Drinking water that strays too far away from this natural balance will ultimately result in greater and greater health distresses. Drinking vibrant crystalline water, in my view, is thus the most important component for our overall sustained health and wellness.


What is your position on the use of toxic plastic bottle containers for drinking water?


JAMES: Our company is fully committed to viable, sustainable practices with the long-term goal of achieving a carbon-neutral way of doing business, and, in time, become a leader in attaining a “carbon-negative” prototype model. With nature, we know that it recycles virtually everything! As the bounds of unsustainable growth are reaching its limits, our business communities are also being challenged to practice “biomimicry” in as many ways as possible. Because our crystalline water is very soft and non-aggressive, it actually has no traceable leaching of plastic components from the bottles – as verified by the Los Alamos National Labs. But the real problem is that these disposable bottles are too frequently doing significant litter damage to our fragile environments. For Pristina, the first priority is to fully discontinue the use of toxic petroleum-based disposable plastic bottles. In the very near future, “bio-plastics” will be available, which are: biorenewable, biodegradable, non-toxic, and 100% recyclable. Pristina Beverages will be one of the first to begin using these low carbon-footprint bottles as soon as they are commercially viable.

We have also started bottling a “crystal water concentrate” that is sold on our website, which can be added to purified water at a ratio of 1 ounce per gallon to produce the ultra-hydrating crystalline water. This allows the eco-conscious consumer to use refillable bottles at a substantial cost savings over the conventional disposable bottled waters. We will also start selling a premium version of Pristina Water in glass bottles, but the price will inherently be higher due to the increased production and liability costs - so we realize that fewer people will purchase this premium version of crystalline water. Our primary objective is to get the highest quality drinking water available to as many people as possible at an affordable price.

In addition, Pristina Water Revitalization Systems will soon be available for whole-house and commercial water quality purposes for a broad variety of environmental, plant, animal, and human health benefits. We are also designing water revitalization systems for chemical-free hot tubs and swimming pools. Our prototype systems are so refreshing when coming out of our crystal-pure, chemical-free swimming pools! Our foremost imperative is to play a leadership role for healthy and sustainable ways of doing business and by practicing these principles in as many ways as possible for the long-term benefit of future generations!


So what’s next for Pristina Beverages?


JAMES: As our company expands from a bottled water company to include organic functional beverages, we anticipate that Pristina will be growing by leaps and bounds! Rather than attempting to out-smart and subjugate nature, our company is joining a new breed of green enterprises endeavoring to work in collaboration and alliance with the natural ecosystems. In particular, we will be specializing in the new field of bioregenerative sciences, by working in close collaboration with the primordial sustainers of life: water and microbes! Pristina submits that energized crystalline water and beneficial microbes are the missing links that will serve as a natural catalyst for propelling us into a new way of living and doing business by honoring the essentiality of all life forms as integral players in achieving lasting health and sustainability for the Whole Earth Family!



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