Promoting Sustainability


Pristina Beverages aspires to the highest quality standards in the production of its premium crystal water, while maintaining a full commitment to applying environmentally sustainable practices in its way of doing business. We consider water to be far more than just an inanimate commodity to be traded and bartered. We honor water as the primordial sustainer of life on the planet, and it is therefore worthy of our utmost respect and gratitude. Honoring the regenerative nature of water, our company is therefore fully committed to minimizing its carbon footprint on our very fragile ecosystems through practicing the following sustainability standards:


  • Reduce. Nature is continuously producing the highest quality fresh water through a recycling design of: evaporative distillation, solar revitalization, and condensation. By applying the principles of “biomimicry”, Pristina Beverages has successfully replicated this natural recycling design to produce the healthiest and best hydrating drinking water available. Our company is therefore able to produce its energetically-enhanced crystalline water from ANY conventional water source without negatively impacting pristine and fragile ecosystems. This sustainability feature allows our production plants to be located in close proximity to the regional distributors – thus minimizing the carbon footprint of the delivery services and staying consistent with our company motto of “Keeping it Natural, Keeping it Local!”


  • Reuse. Pristina Beverages offers a unique alternative to the high-impact practice of selling water in disposable bottles. Staying true to our standards of sustainability, we are pleased to introduce the Pristina Crystal Water Concentrate, which allows the conscious consumer to drink the highest-quality crystalline water in refillable bottles at a fraction of the retail cost! It should be noted that the Pristina Concentrate is NOT a concentration of water molecules, but is highly crystallized water that emits “concentrated” levels of vital energies. When added at a ratio of one ounce per gallon to highly purified water, the concentrate creates a chain-reaction of crystal revitalization. For those of us who prefer using refillable bottles, the crystal water concentrate offers a cost-effective way for producing an optimum hydration drink that is not only better for our personal health, but is better for the planet’s health as well!


  • Recycle. Pristina Beverages is taking its water revitalization technology to new levels of sustainable applications in the fields of organic agriculture, water conservation, industrial bioremediation, and environmental quality. Rather than attempting to outsmart and subjugate nature, our company is joining a new breed of green enterprises endeavoring to work in collaboration and alliance with the natural ecosystems. Pristina Beverages submits that energized crystalline water is the missing link that will serve as a natural catalyst for propelling biorenewable technologies into the new frontier of innovative business ventures working in close partnership with nature – and Pristina Beverages seeks to be at the forefront of this new transformational frontier!

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