The founders of Pristina created the “Living Earth Fund” to serve as a special green investment reserve to provide financial seed funding to support a broad variety of human health and environmental quality applications. Over 40% of the preferred shares and 70% of the common shares have been assigned to the Living Earth Fund with the primary objective of helping to create locally-owned green businesses and build strong local economies through investments in: a) microbial research and development; b) organic food and beverage production; c) sustainable agriculture and fertilizer production; d) comprehensive resource recovery centers; and e) non-profit ecopark exhibition and recreational centers.


Optimizing Health. First and foremost, the highest priority of our company is to discover and offer the finest quality of products that optimize human health and promote environmental quality. If any ingredients or components of production are shown to impair human health or harm environmental vitality, then Pristina will quickly make adjustments in order to correct that shortcoming. When the name “Pristina” is affixed to any label, the consumer will confidently know and trust that the contents of this product meet the highest standards of value and integrity available on the market!


Building Community. The Living Earth Fund honors the fundamental tenet of “empowerment”! First, it will provide funding to design and develop bioaugmentation systems that will enliven and empower the microbial communities which lie dormant in the soils. This, in turn, allows the botanical communities to thrive and flourish through the byproducts produced by the diverse microbial cultures. Next, the Living Earth Fund will provide financial assistance to help empower the caretakers of the soil – the farming communities. Every effort will be made to provide farmers with a viable means to grow the highest quality organic produce and to simultaneously help to restore the health of the soils, air, and water throughout the planet. In addition, the Living Earth Fund will provide investment assistance to empower the recycling communities through the creation of comprehensive resource recovery bioparks. These operations will serve to generate a broad variety of local community services and business ventures in the new field of biorenewable technologies and will help to build strong, localized economies!


Healing the Planet. As a green-innovations company, Pristina is fully committed to optimizing health – for people as well as for all life on the planet! The key to this challenge is learning from the wisdom of nature and creating biorenewable solutions that are based on applying the principles of biomimicry. Efforts to rearrange and alter nature’s organic technologies are at the root-cause of our planetary crisis. After billions of years of research and development, what surround us are the secrets to longterm health and sustainability. Our challenge, as a species, is to work in close partnership and alliance with these natural and holistic designs in creating a balanced and sustainable way of doing business. The Living Earth Fund was created to augment and facilitate these initiatives by providing green investment funds to help build and support strong localized economies in a manner that is mindful of the complex linkage and interdependencies of the Whole Earth Family!


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