The Board of Directors.


James McMath and Sabine Steinhardt are the Founding Principals of Pristina. Together, they have been innovative in designing and developing the proprietary crystal water revitalization system, which restores the energetic vitality of water and is essential for producing the trademarked crystal water concentrate.

James is serving as the President of Pristina, and Sabine serves as its Executive Vice President. James has a Master's Degree in Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Oregon and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from California State University at Sacramento. James served as a City Administrator for the City of Portland for several years working for the Downtown Redevelopment Project before moving into the private sector as a businessman. Sabine has a strong background in earth sciences and animal health, in combination with her business acumen and expertise as a businesswoman in the private sector.


Nina Brown serves as an Executive Board Member of Pristina, and is the Secretary of the company. She is specifically helping to expand distribution across the US, and into Canada and Asia. Nina Brown is a direct descendant of the founders of Brown Brothers, Harriman, and Company, which is the oldest (1818) and largest privately held bank in the US. She is a cum laude graduate of Bryn Mawr College, and has distinguished herself as a pioneer for women in business.

In 1995, Nina was appointed by President William Clinton to represent him at the White House Conference on Small Business, and in the following year was chosen as a Charter Member of Pennsylvania’s Best 50 Women in Business. During this time, speaking engagements have included: the US House of Representatives Field Hearings, the Pennsylvania Department of Commerce, the League of Cities Women’s Caucus, Wharton Executive MBA Reunion, and as the keynote speaker for the Entrepreneurial Women’s Expo. Nina has also acted as a consultant and leader in the field of integrative medicine, collaborating to form a company to bring neurosensory diagnostic tools to injured veterans who have suffered brain impairment in the Gulf War and the Vietnam War.


The Management Team.


James McMath, Chief Executive Officer. In addition to being the cofounder of Pristina and a pioneer in the field of organic, regenerative sciences, James offers strong managerial skills with his MPA background as a public administrator. He served as the youngest administrator for the City of Portland’s Downtown Redevelopment Project, where James was placed in charge of the innovative Downtown Parking Project, in order to make the newly constructed multistory parking structures a convenient and inexpensive option for the public to park and shop in its central business district.

In early 2000, James learned of the important breakthroughs being made in the field of microbial bioremediation, what is now referred to as “Effective Microorganisms” or EM, and he quickly made this his highest priority. He began working in close collaboration with others around the nation and abroad in discovering how to best apply these regenerative solutions for planetary cleanup and restoration.

James and Sabine led the relief campaign in the US during the 2004 Tsunami Wave Disaster in the South Pacific, where the Thai Government and the International Red Cross used EM to decontaminate corpses washing ashore. They also led the efforts to use EM during the Hurricane Katrina Disaster in 2005. After strong public input to the White House and Congress, FEMA ended up allowing the use of EM in the disaster cleanup, and the Director sent a personally signed letter to James and Sabine thanking them for their leadership role in this successful initiative. Because of their steadfast diligence and dedicated activism for planetary health and restoration, James and Sabine are highly revered and respected by the international EM community.


William R. Brennan, Chief Financial Officer. Pristina is very pleased and privileged to have the extensive financial expertise of Bill Brennan, who has offered to come out of retirement and to serve as the CFO for Pristina, Inc. Bill received his Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Notre Dame in the fields of accounting and management. Bill has a wide-ranging background in commercial banking working in various managerial capacities in several locations nationwide, including cofounding the Enterprise Bank in North Carolina, which was later sold to a larger franchise bank in 1990.

Most notably, in 1994 Bill began working as the Chief Financial Officer for the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company with the popular brand known as “American Spirit Tobacco”, which is famous for being all-natural and additive free. Over an eight-year timeframe as CFO, the Santa Fe-based company grew from sales of $12 million to sales of $120 million with an after-tax income of about 20% of sales. The company was sold for $340 million to the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company in 2002. Despite being acquired by a major tobacco corporation, the company continues to be headquartered in Santa Fe, employs over 250 personnel, and maintains that, "We're the same company we've always been with the same values and commitment we've always had to producing the highest quality tobacco products."

After the sale of Santa Fe Natural, Bill spent a year enjoying his family and reconnecting with his roots in Ireland. Upon returning to New Mexico, he has spent the most recent years working as a financial consultant and working with various non-profit organizations.


Carolyn Parrs, Chief Marketing Director. Pristina is very fortunate and honored to have the professional marketing services of Carolyn Parrs, the CEO and founder of Mind Over Markets. Carolyn specializes in providing marketing support and expertise for purpose-driven, sustainable, green, and healthy brands. From paradigm-shifting campaigns to growing tribes by tens of thousands, her ultimate goal is proving that eco-conscious business ventures can be a powerful force for good.

Carolyn is also a certified Business, Marketing, and Life Coach working with Women as Game Changers, calling them forth in powerful ways to awaken their feminine energy in order to be a force of change in the world. She is also the creator of Women of Green, an online community and news source that turns up the volume of the feminine voice in green.

Carolyn is a founding board member and past President of the Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce, part of the largest statewide business organization in New Mexico with over 1100 members. She has worked at top New York City advertising agencies, such as Benton & Bowles and Wunderman Worldwide, serving clients such as General Foods, Proctor and Gamble, AT&T, IBM, Richardson-Vicks, Manufacturers Hanover Trust, Time/Life Books and more. She and her products have appeared on television shows such as Good Morning America, ABC News, CBS News and on radio and cable shows such as HBO, CNN and Lifetime Channel. Print coverage includes The New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, People Magazine, and Cosmopolitan.


Donald J. Dobie, Market Branding and Promotions Director. The company is especially honored to have highly distinguished and talented services of Donald J. Dobie, who recently retired as an executive administrator from Nestlé USA serving as their Director of Sales and Marketing specializing in the field of multi-brand programs. Don has substantial strengths in sales skills, customer knowledge, and the ability to maximize growth and profits. Don was previously the Director of Promotions for the Nestlé confections division, and was also responsible for sales planning and advancement with annual sales of $630M.

Don started his career with the Carnation Company in 1973, and steadily rose in management positions. By 1978, he became their Senior Sales Manager in the West Coast Division and went onto become the director in the military sales division. In 1984, Carnation was purchased by the Nestlé Food Company, and Don was advanced to a position as a National Sales Planning Manager at their Glendale, CA headquarters. Don brings a great deal of promotional expertise and branding skills to the table and will assist Pristina in becoming a reputable and memorable name in the organic food and beverage industry.


Steven R. Hyland, Market Strategy Director. Pristina is very pleased to have the highly regarded professional services of Steve Hyland, a 25-year veteran of Coca-Cola North America based in Atlanta, GA. Steve served as the Director of Retail Merchandizing Solutions, where he managed team and supplier net-works that developed retail strategies and merchandise innovations. Before this, Steve served as the Director of Retail Channel Marketing, providing retail strategies for major retail channels and developed key national tools and initiatives to support core company strategies. He managed occasion-based strategies in promotional campaigns with brand and customer teams.

Since retiring from Coca-Cola, Steve is now offering his professional services to Pristina in designing comprehensive strategies for branding, channel, and customer approaches for optimum growth opportunities with new product-line initiatives. Additionally, he provides expertise in developing new brand retail strategies and initiatives, including sales and support infrastructure. Steve also offers extensive experience in distribution systems for maximizing product circulation on a national and regional basis.


Richard McGeough, Sales Development. Pristina is especially privileged to have the skilled resourcefulness and expertise of Rich McGeough, who has gainfully been working in the food and beverage industry since 1978. Rich has worked with great passion and geniality in marketing, sales, and management at the Campbell Soup Company, Anheuser-Busch, and the Sara Lee Corporation.

McGeough has also worked in Manhattan for ActMedia and In-Store Advertising, which are promotional services designed to maximize sales outreach through a broad variety of grocery retail and sports venues. As a former collegiate and professional baseball pitcher, Rich is eager to introduce and disseminate Pristina in the commercial retail markets throughout the US and Canada. Because of the uniqueness of the crystal water hydration benefits, Rich believes that Pristina will be especially successful in the sports and health industries.


Ezra Leyba, Chief Operations Officer. Pristina is especially fortunate to have the highly motivated and innovative talents of Ezra Leyba serving as its COO. In 2006, Ezra founded the Santa Fe Tea Company, which specializes in exotic beverage drinks, with a unique focus in handcrafted kombucha – a fermented probiotic health drink made from tea. It was in these early stages of the tea company that James and Ezra became acquainted and began collaborating with the addition of crystalline water used as the primary ingredient in his beverage drinks. Ezra has a strong passion for creating a delectable blend of healthy ingredients that enliven the taste buds! It is with these salutary talents and creative instincts that Ezra has agreed to be the brewmaster and operations manager for the upcoming variety of Pristina functional beverage drinks.

Ezra and his wife, Sonia, have played an instrumental role in marketing and expanding the distribution of Pristina Crystal Water throughout northern New Mexico, as well as securing the professional services of our brokerage firm, Independent Natural Foods Brokers, in gaining entry into the Whole Foods Rocky Mountain Region. This, in turn, has opened the doors to acquiring the distribution services of UNFI, which has provided an essential component for gaining new accounts.


Jenny Kassan, Legal Counsel. In addition to the executive officers of Pristina, the company is grateful to have the legal services of Jenny Kassan, who is a business attorney and green finance innovator. Jenny received her degree from Yale Law School in 1995. Based in Oakland, CA, Jenny’s primary focus is providing legal and fundraising services for green-innovation enterprises, like Pristina, that are seeking to make long-term sustainability contributions without a short-term exit strategy.

In addition, Pristina has secured the legal and professional services of the Portland-based securities law firm, Immix, which specializes in benefit corporation protocol and statute regulations for the State of Oregon and in achieving “Certified B-Corp Status”.




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